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Uncertainty in Science – It’s kind of a big deal

And the problem with all of these uncertainties is that most people in the general public aren’t aware of them. This means that people generally aren’t any good at analysing the validity of information available to them. And even if they could analyse the information for robustness, who knows what kinds of assumptions have underpinned the findings?


Why not writing journal articles might increase the quality of academic publications

In essence, my intention to publish an article about my experiences is a reflection of my arrogant belief that my experiences mean something. And perhaps this is a growing problem with the academic literature.

Is the peer review process all it’s cracked up to be?

Recently I have been going through the laborious process of responding to peer reviewer comments for papers developed as part of my PhD. At the same time, earlier this year I was asked to provide peer review feedback on a number of other papers.  And it’s had me thinking about the peer review process… I’m […]

One simple step to an impressive CV – Give it a go

In my experience developing an extensive resume is more about throwing your hat in the ring and giving things a go than it is about being an expert, or impressive in any other way.

Post-PhD ‘brown out’ – will I ever recover from my PhD?

Whereas I used to struggle to get through a season of my favourite TV show within a month I find ‘netflix and chill’ had become a way of life – watching entire seasons in a single weekend. It occurred to me that this all might be because, six months after submission, I hadn’t actually recovered from my PhD….

Microaggressions and university life – doing nothing is sometimes easier than doing something

Today I want to talk about something called a ‘microaggression’. I hadn’t heard of this term until a friend posted a link to an article in The Atlantic about the extent to which US Colleges are increasingly exposed to criticism from students who are offended by words, statements, interactions and implications.  According to the article, […]

Ethics and social research – protecting the identity of research participants

This is the second post that I’ve written about ethics as a part of my research. The first post looked at the extent to which my planned methodology didn’t match my experiences in the field. As a part of this blog post I concluded that it’s not enough just to receive ethics approval. Instead, researching […]